Prezúvanie kolesa s pneumatikou Michelin PAX na stroji SICAM AF2500

Some interesting facts about Michelin PAX tires.

Der Stützring des Michelin PAX Systems umspannt das Felgenbett, bei Reifen Druckverlust, wird der Reifen gestützt.

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  • Michelin PAX System, which is standard on the 2005 Honda Odyssey Touringedition minivan, allows motorists to ride on a flat tire for up to 125 miles at 50 mph. Michelin PAX System also offersbetter handling than standard tires for everyday driving and better comfort than traditional self-supporting tires when operatingat normal inflation pressure.

    Baker-Mbacke was one of seven consumers who evaluated Michelin PAXSystem on the Honda Odyssey Touring edition for a Detroit News consumer panel report. The consumers gave PAX System a "rareunanimous thumbs-up vote," the newspaper reported.

  • Michelin PAX System has four components: tire, support ring, wheel, andpressure monitor. Its unique design means the tire will not come off the wheel after a total loss of air pressure in normaloperating conditions.

    DETROIT, Jan. 10 -- Drivers in Motown -- and other U.S. cities -- givethe 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring edition and Michelin PAX System(TM) the thumbs up for the added measures of safety, security and convenience thecontinued mobility system provides.

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    Video of the Removal of the Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor from a 2006 Honda Odyssey Michelin PAX System Run Flat Wheel. This is the 2nd of 4 Videos - one for each Wheel. Friendly Home Services Baton Rouge, Louisiana

How to convert michelin pax to conventional tires

It appears that the major impetus for the class action was the poor tread-wear performance of the PAX tire on the Touring Edition of the third-generation minivan built for the North American market.[] The Michelin PAX system latitude LX4 tires apparently did not have the claimed lifetime, and the lack of universal repair and replacement facilities (PAX tires cannot be serviced at any tire shop, but only those with special equipment and specially trained personnel) and the cost to replace PAX tires were major factors for the class action. Rather than alleging the PAX system was defective, the suit charged that the PAX tires and special wheels were unreasonably difficult to repair or replace.