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Monroe 172199 Complete Strut Assembly

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  • The Monroe quick struts are very similar to KYB strut plus, but have a slightly different spring rate and the shock is tuned for the vehicle to handle exactly like it does stock. This is great for most people, but your spending the money and going through the trouble of replacing your struts, why not improve the handling of the vehicle at the same time for practically the same price?

    Everyone is always going to have a different opinion, and if you can already tell I’m a little bit of a KYB fan boy based on my positive experiences with them. In my opinion, the KYB struts offer better performance for very little increase in cost over the Monroe struts. I was only going to save $20 per side going with the Monroe’s, yet the ride would’ve been soft and spongy much like the OEM springs and shocks that I replaced. You can search around the Internet and the consensus is pretty much the same… KYB shocks and struts handle much better than OEM equipment, and Monroe is generally an OEM equivalent replacement with similar valving and damping characteristics. In some applications, KYB stiffens their damping and spring rate (like in the case of ), but it can actually fix factory issues like front end sag in extra soft suspension that muddies cornering/handling.

  • The are an affordable factory replacement, that improve handling in almost every single vehicle you can install them on. If you read all the reviews comparing Monroe quick struts to the KYB strut plus, the consensus is always the same… The KYB’s handle better, and the Monroe’s are about $20 cheaper. I’ll let you decide what’s best for your application.

    In 1989 Monroe gained market share in Europe when it purchased the suspension division of Armstrong Equipment PLC in the UK. This was followed by the acquisition of , a leader in the light truck and SUV market. During the 90s various Monroe shocks and Monroe struts appeared, including Reflex shocks and Sensa-Trac shocks and struts, securing Monroe's position as a global ride control leader. In the new century the company has continued to set the pace with revolutionary products like the Quick-Strut, and a line of premium Monroe brake pads that complements the company’s legendary ride control.

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    A happy medium that commonly comes up in a lot of shock reviews between KYB and Monroe, is . I haven’t personally used any Gabriel products, but many people say they’re a good balance between the performance improvements of KYB, and the soft and smooth ride you get with Monroe… While still not being too spongy, which is the major complaint most people have with Monroe struts.

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Monroe Australia’s top selling four wheel drive replacement shock absorbers, the Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4x4 range, has expanded to now include part numbers specifically engineered for up to 50mm raised height four wheel drive applications.