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  • 2004 Nissan Frontier Catalytic Converter - Manufacturer Defect. My truck had 186,000, no problems. While driving home from work, the catalytic converter rusted out, debris got in the motor, ruined it, knocks, rings, cylinder walls destroyed. It was carried to certified Nissan mechanic to find this issue. I sent note to Nissan. They said to carry it to a dealer for diagnosis. Diagnosis the same, sent note back to Nissan. They said, “You are too far out of warranty, not covered.” This is known defect, nothing to do with warranty. They said we will submit for charity assistance, no go there either. So I am left with nothing to drive, no help, no nothing from Nissan. What is ironic is just before the "regional specialist" hung up, he said, “Thank you for driving Nissan." I will never own another Nissan and I encourage others not to as well.

    Catalytic converters were introduced in the mid-1970s in order to reduce the level of pollutants emitted by vehicles; therefore, they are vital in preserving the good health of the planet. Converters have evolved since their introduction, becoming more effective and eco-friendly. At our online store, we offer a large selection of Nissan Frontier catalytic converters and related components. Surf our catalog for catalytic converters, , exhaust gaskets, particulate filters, or whatever part you need to replace. For any doubts or questions, we provide reliable customer service available at the online Help Center.

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Fits the following vehicles: NISSAN FRONTIER 2.5 4 cylinder engine, 2.5 liter year: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 models: XE, S, SV Directly replaces original Nissan Frontier catalyticconverter. The installation kit includes : - stainless steel manifold gasket - 3 studs - 3 self-locking nuts Our catalytic converters are all designed for a simple and quick installation. They are guaranteed to fit the engine manifoldand components of the exhaust system without welding, modifications or adjustments. All our catalytic converters are robotically assembled and welded. All our catalytic converters undergo pressure tests for converter shell integrity andweld leaks. The high quality, long life ceramic catalytic block complies with EPA guidelines and specifications. The converter body fully complies with the Federal EPA warranty durability requirements for aftermarket catalyticconverters. The manufacturer warrants the external converter shell, including t