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Nitrous Express 20421-10 Proton Plus Nitrous System with 10 lbs. Bottle

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  • With an intensive and cutting edge nitrous R&D program, the Wizards of NOS continue to produce even more technically advanced, more powerful, more reliable and safer NOS nitrous oxide systems than ever before.

    A modern WON NOS system comprises of more advanced parts, and an increasing amount of knowledge has lead to more reliability and vastly improved equipment. Unfortunately however, it’s still the case that the fitting of a NOS system will wrongly get the blame for an engine failure even if it isn’t the cause, which is proven when a Wizards of NOS system is installed. A Wizards of NOS nitrous oxide system not only comprises of the very best and most advanced NOS components available, they are also backed by 35 years of dedicated nitrous knowledge, and by the Wizard of NOS himself (Trevor Langfield) aided by his very capable team. As a result, even the most demanding application remains reliable.

  • Description: NOS kits for these vehicles provide extra power for the engine. The recall involves certain NOS nitrous oxide systems designed for snowmobiles and ATVs. The valves were manufactured between February 1, 2006 and September 26, 2006. The date code is located on the NOS packaging.

    This NOS video demonstrates how to install a typical Dry NOS nitrous oxide system. A Dry NOS system delivers nitrous oxide to the air intake tube of your engine, while the vehicle's fuel system provides the added fuel. The video demonstrates how to locate, drill and tap the OEM or an aftermarket intake for the NOS nozzle.

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    Other Part Number: NOS Nitrous Oxide Systems 05151NOS, NOS-05151NOS Manufacturer Part Number:

  • The Chevelle utilizes a Holley EFI Dominator ECU, which is used to control fuel, spark, and the NOS Nitrous Oxide System Solenoids. A beefy Holley 450 LPH fuel pump is also used.

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