Cost of purge solenoid valve replacement $309.95 (parts & labor)

With the duct removed you can see the purge valve (red arrow). The rubber grommet that is part of the valve sits in a metal bracket.

Dorman 911-800 Fuel/Emissions Purge Valve for Hyundai/Kia

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  • The purge valve also helps in preventing toxic gases from being released into the atmosphere, since it redirects the gases from the fuel instead of emitting them. It also helps the engine use fuel more efficiently, which then contributes to less fuel consumption. The valve also collects air from outside the car and moves it to the fuel tank, helping the engine burn the fuel more effectively by providing it with more oxygen.

    A faulty purge valve or regeneration valve for fuel vapor recovery can cause you to fail a SMOG test and throw an error code in the system. The purge valve opens to allow all the vapors that are captured from the fuel tank (especially during fill ups) to be recycled to the engine to be burnt once the engine has reached certain performance parameters. There are two lines attached to the valve. Even though it is very difficult to mix them up, as they are different sizes, pay attention and make sure you install the valve in the right direction. The line out from the valve to the connection by the throttle body is indicated by an arrow.

  • At the shop: Another common vapour-leak point on the Malibu resides within the charcoal canister and its canister-purge valve. A technician uses a smoke machine to aid with the diagnosis by injecting smoke into the EVAP system while opening and closing the purge valve using a scan tool. This enables the technician to get a close-up look underneath the vehicle at these two components, with a high-powered light following the trail of smoke, hopefully verifying the leaking component(s).

    The Purge Control Valve is a component of the car’s EVAP system. When your vehicle’s engine is fully warmed up, the main CPU module slowly opens the purge control valve to let the fuel vapor be sucked from the charcoal canister and ported to the engine for burning.

    For example, for this vehicle, the service manual recommends applying battery voltage to the purge valve terminals and see if it produces an audible click. We just use a 9-volt battery to illustrate. This purge valve does produce an audible click.

    The next step, as per the service manual for this car is to test if the purge valve closes properly and does not leak. We connect a hand-held vacuum pump and apply vacuum to the purge valve.

    Almost immediately, the vacuum drops. This purge valve doesn't seal properly and must be replaced. This car had a "Check Engine" light on the dash. We had it scanned and got the code P0446 - Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction. We tested the EVAP system and found that it had a slow leak. Now we found the culprit!

    To illustrate the difference, we tested the purge valve from a different car. It holds the vacuum very well, even after one minute the vacuum hasn't dropped.

    Now we connect the battery voltage. The purge valve clicks and the vacuum immediately drops. This purge valve is good.

  • 05 2005 Acura TSX Purge Valve 2.4L 4 Cyl Dorman
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    Check for blockages between the fuel tank, the EVAP canister purge valve, and the engine intake manifold. Check for obstructions in the EVAP canister purge valve diaphragm and ports.

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