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Dorman 603-100 Coolant Reservoir Bottle

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  • The stock radiator reservoir tank is made from plastic. This product will improve durability and atmosphere of engine room by replacing to the aluminum product.

    Once the check valve on the radiator cap opens, the coolant is sucked through the tube that leads to the radiator reservoir tank and refills the car's radiator. This is a very effective system in that it pushes and pulls the fluid at each temperature cycle. It pushes fluid into the reservoir tank when the radiator is too hot and pulls fluid from the radiator reservoir tank back into the radiator as the engine cools.

  • frankycordero 02-18-2013 09:32 AM

    Oil at the Radiator reservoir tank.
    Found oil at the radiator tank during a routine check of my 2001 SLK 230. No motor running problems, no overheating, no trans failure, no water in motor oil. Where the oil come from ? do I need to change the radiator ? any help ? thanks ! :confused:

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    GT-R/R35 2026A-N001JPY73,440 

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