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Dorman 630-413 Rear Axle Shaft

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  • In most vehicles, the rear axle assembly is the second largest and heaviest component of the vehicle, second only to the engine block. The reason for the heft of the rear axle assembly is that this component not only supports the weight of the rear of the vehicle, but it also supplies the propulsion aspects of the vehicle. The method of powering any wheeled vehicle is typically the same.

    Rotational power from the engine's spinning crankshaft is transferred through the transmission and sent to the rear axle assembly in a rear-wheel drive application. The drive shaft connects to the pinion yoke, which is actually the snout of the pinion gear. The pinion gear applies the rotational power to the ring gear. This is the first step in the conversion to linear movement.

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    As the ring gear is powered around the center of the rear axle package, it turns the axles, wheels and tires in a driving force. The differential can be equipped with one of several types of differential packages, each providing a particular feature. The most common type of carrier is the open carrier. This powers one drive tire, while the other remain free and un-powered. This type of differential is placed in the average rear axle assembly of the family sedan.

    Complete Front and Rear Axle Assemblies
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    The next step up in the performance-type rear axle assembly is the . This allows both rear tires to receive power if the vehicle becomes stuck. The most performance-oriented of all factory axle packages is the locker or locked carrier. This differential provides power to both rear tires equally and at all times. This differential only unlocks to allow the vehicle to turn a corner. In racing applications, the rear axle assembly will commonly have a spool installed to permanently lock both axles at all times.

Rear Axle Assembly, Dana 35, Right Side

The Ford 8.8" rear axle is a great upgrade for your Jeep TJ. Don't waste money rebuilding your Dana 35 axle or upgrading it when you can replace it with this bolt in Ford 8.8 axle complete assembly. It is Factory width with the same lug pattern. It Also Comes with Disc brakes, and has E-brake shoes built into the Rotor assembly. Compatible with your Jeep with new E-brake cables. The Jeep TJ brackets are already welded on so you will easily be able to bolt in this axle assembly. You can choose exactly which options and upgrades you want for your new axle assembly. $775 dollar base price includes Ford 8.8" rear axle assembly with Jeep TJ brackets welded on, w/empty center section but includes Used: axleshafts, and all used brake hardware. **All Axle tubes will be welded to insure they will not spin** Re-gear and bolt in. Or select from factory gearing options for a minimal charge with and without factory limited slip. You can also choose to let us freshen up the factory axle with new differential bearings and axle bearings. Or you can choose to have us rebuild the axle to your specifications. By selecting the Gear ratio option, you will be choosing our re-manufactured unit which will come with New axle bearings and seals, New ring and pinion, and New differential bearings. All of our re-manufactured units come with a five year parts and labor warranty. The Best warranty in the Industry. (Lockers carry manufacturers warranty only) (36" Tire Limit on F8.8) The handling fee is to cover Freight Shipment anywhere in the country. These Units ship free otherwise. NO HANDLING FEE IF PICKED UP AT OUR LOCATION.