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Pair Olds Sunfire Cavalier Corsica Achieva Rear Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly Abs

Prime Choice Auto Parts HB621002PR Rear Hub Bearing Assembly Pair

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  • A damaged rear hub bearing assembly can cause uneven tire wear, instability while driving and, in the extreme case of the assembly failing completely, catastrophic failure of the rear axle. The assembly sits behind the brake rotors and is typically bolted to the chassis to provide stability. To service or review the rear hub assembly, it is necessary to remove the brake rotors.

    Parts needed:
    - the OEM Toyota rear hub bearing assembly WITH ABS is much cheaper ($135) than the one without ABS ($260) and still fits cars without ABS. Other brands start at around $90.
    - 12mm and 21mm (or lug nut wrench) sockets
    - breaker bar
    - torque wrench
    - 2 M8×1.25 bolts. I bought these at Lowes in their specialty METRIC bolt section for $1. They are 8mm wide with 1.25mm thread pitch.
    - jack stand
    - wheel chocks

  • Bought the bike 2 months (2000 s model). Soon after, the rear hub bearings got loose. The old bearings seem to have failed from contamination/age. they were extremely rusty. I replaced them with a set of "all balls" bearings from a local shop. The old bearings were in there good and tight, new ones pressed in with what seemed to be the correct amount of force. I made sure to put them in as straight as possible and seat them all the way.

    car front and rear wheel hub bearings assembly
    For American, Japanese and European cars
    BCA, SKF, TIMKEN, NATIONAL, OEM numbers are available

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  • Rear hub bearings, also called wheel bearings or axle bearings, are greased bearings inside a car or truck's rear axle that allow the wheels to turn freely and smoothly. They are similar to front hub bearings, but rear hub bearings are especially important on cars with rear-wheel drive. Several symptoms can indicate bearing failure.

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Rear Wheel Hub Bearing for BMW 525i We are a professional auto bearing manufacturer for various cars, such as Acura , Alfa Romeo , Audi , Bmw , Buick , Cadillac , Chevrole...