Rear wheel hub bearing for all 454 forfour models.Sold individually.

Rear wheel bearing and hub for Alfa Romeo early 147 / 156 and GT.

Pivot Works PWRWK-P02-543 Rear Wheel Bearing Kit

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  • Rear wheel bearings are not nearly as complicated as front wheel bearings and we tend to not think much about them. But there are a few things worth going over because the rear wheel bearings do more than just allow the tire and wheel to go around and around. They also keep the rear tires and wheels on the car!

    This is not true. The axle housing has a grease seal in each axle tube. The axle itself has a machined journal for this seal to ride on. The purpose of this seal is to keep the gear oil from getting into the area where the rear wheel bearing rides. But many people are confused because Ford uses rear axle flange gaskets for the axle retainers.

  • The axle retainers are the flat plates with the four holes in them that bolt to the axle housing and hold the rear wheel bearings in place. In fact, Ford has two of these gaskets per side. One for the rear brake backing plate and another for the axle retainer. The backing plate is sandwiched between the rear axle housing and the axle retainer and has these gaskets on both sides. These gaskets are designed to keep the brake dust out of the bearing, not to keep gear oil in. But I've seen people change them, even use silicone on them, to stop gear oil from leaking onto their rear brakes. Of course what they actually need to change is the axle seal.

    I purchased a new rear wheel bearing kit which also included the axle bolt. For the B5 S4 ('00-'02), there are two different sets of possible front uprights. The early '00s had aluminum and after that they were changed to cast iron. The cast iron ones have press in bearings as seen below, while the aluminum ones come in a housing which bolts to the upright. I don't know if the rear uprights also differ like the front ones.

    New rear wheel bearings with their respective retainers.   Our Classic Mustangs all came from the factory with the smaller diameter rear wheel bearings as shown on the left.  However, due to rear end swaps, it's possible to find them now equipped with the larger style as shown on the right

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    Rear Wheel Bearing Change Mark P 2006

    Question -- I'm replacing the rear wheel bearings on my '73 Super Bettle. I have everything apart except the transaxle side bearing. I was told I need to remove the circlip in order to remove the inner bearing. Your web article doesn't mention the circlip. Do I drive the bearing outward with a drift ( transaxle to wheel ) and don't bother with the circlip, or does it remove wheel to transaxle direction, and I need to remove the circlip? If I need to remove the circlip any tips? I tried briefly with a cheap circlip removal tool with no luck.Rob responded -- If I have this right, you are trying to renew the ball and roller bearings which make up the greased wheel bearings around the stub axle which goes through the brake assembly on IRS bugs (ball bearing on the transaxle side and roller bearing on the wheel side).I'm working from two-year old memories here, but I THINK there is a small indent in the rim of the slot which holds the circlip in place. You need to move the clip around in it's slot so one end of it is across the indent, and then you can get a thin screw driver through the indent and UNDER the end of the clip, and gently pry that end up clear of the slot. While holding that end up clear of the slot you use a second thin screw driver to work around under the circlip lifting a little more and levering it slightly outwards so it's sitting partly on the rim of the slot, until you've worked about 1/2 way round an it's then possible to grab the "loose" end with some pliers and with a gently twist and pull (the twist is into the middle - trying to make the circlip smaller) it will pop free. Take is easy so you don't break the circlip.

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Rear Wheel Bearing Module by Pronto®. This bearing is designed to precisely fit your vehicle and deliver reliable function for maximum performance. It is constructed to effectively reduce friction and properly handle a load. Each bearing meets industry leading quality standards and ISO/TS requirements.