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Trico 14-B Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, 14" (Pack of 1)

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  • If your rear windshield wiper is not traveling smoothly across your rear windshield, it may be getting stuck or hanging up on something. Check to see if there is anything in the windshield wiper arms path that might stop it from properly functioning. Stickers or decals on the back windshield are a common culprit.

    Several different problems may cause your car's rear windshield wiper to not work properly. Rear windshield wipers commonly receive less attention and maintenance than front windshield wipers, because we do not drive our cars down the road in reverse, making it less of an issue. However, your rear wiper can be very helpful in removing snow and frost from your car during winter months.

  • If your rear windshield wiper motor is going bad you will need to remove the rear hatch panel (red arrow) and third back light housing (yellow arrow) to gain access to it. Please see our article on removing the hatch panel for additional assistance.

    The rear windshield wiper is attached to the motor through a hole on the hatches glass. You can service the wiper arm and install new blades from the outside.

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  • Rear Windshield Wiper Arm by Dorman®. A streaked windshield isn’t only aggravating, it’s unsafe. If new wiper blades aren’t fixing the problem, your wiper arms may be the culprit. Properly functioning arms are essential to a clear and clean windshield. Count on Dorman to help restore the efficiency of your wiper system and your vision of the road.

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