How to Replace a Catalytic Converter

How to Replace a Catalytic Converter With a Straight Pipe; Comments You May Also Like. ... How to Replace a Catalytic Converter...

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  • To replace a catalytic converter, lift the car, remove the old catalytic converter from the car, install the new converter and lower the car. Buy a new converter that is compatible with your car, and read the user manual before attempting this task.

    The thought of paying for a replacement converter scares most people. Materials such as ceramic and platinum are both coinsidered to be very expensive materials. However, catalytic converters have been used in the USA since 1975 and in the UK since 1987, so as production volume increases, prices have come down and today replacing a catalytic converter is a routine job.

  • Here is a guest post from Reese Goodwin who found she needed to change her Catalytic Converter and How To Replace a Catalytic Converter. This documents her little journey to find out what a Catalytic Converter cost to have a professional change it, how much is was to buy herself and how to go about getting it done. We also share a how to change the Catalytic Converter video.

    The catalytic converter, which is responsible for the cleanup of a vehicle exhaust, is a key component of a vehicle emission control system. When this piece malfunctions, the car will create additional emissions, run more roughly, and have reduced fuel efficiency. While the cost of replacing a catalytic converter can be expensive, you can save money by doing it yourself with just a few hand tools and jack stands.

  • Replacing a faulty catalytic converter, before your ride starts pumping out pollutants, helps both your vehicle and the environment. Whether it's clogged with fuel additives or overheating from bad exhaust valves, a malfunctioning cat can cause all kinds of problems. One of the most common issues is a decline in fuel economy, which is just as bad for your ride as it is your pocketbook. Another problem that can arise is a misfire within your engine, causing the catalyst to overheat - resulting in severe engine damage. Ultimately, faulty converters can damage your entire exhaust system and emit illegal amounts of hazardous emissions into the environment. Make sure your exhaust system runs clean and clear with a new catalytic converter from AutoZone.

    Find the best catalytic converter for your vehicle at AutoZone. We carry everything from a catalytic converter for Camry sedans to a Ford Mustang catalytic converter. Stop by your local store and ask our staff about replacing your catalytic converter or order online and receive Free Shipping on purchases of $75 or more.

How to Replace an Exhaust Catalytic Converter

Wondering if you need to replace a bad catalytic converter? Take a look at the following symptoms and see how they compare to your suspected catalytic converter issue. Remember, just because your car is showing one of these symptoms doesn't necessarily mean that your cat has gone bad. There are often a number of problems that can cause the same symptom, so it's important to look a little deeper into the issue before you do something drastic -- and expensive -- like replacing your catalytic converter. anyway?