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Lou: Do you have any other music available? Or is “Nine Circles” Seal of Saturn’s debut release?

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  • Here is the Seal of Saturn in its traditional sigil, naming its two ruling spirit s: Zazel (zayzel) and Agiel (ay-gee-il). I’m sure we can all guess what another version of the name Zazel is… Azazel, the YED.

    Lou: On the Seal of Saturn Facebook page, you describe yourselves as “not a local band”. What does that mean? How would you describe yourselves?

  • Mikhail: Damn, I think its been maybe since January 2008, so four and a half years? And the member of Seal of Saturn will always consist of myself, but there’s often a revolving lineup. It’s myself, my brother Nick Juarez on bass and guitar as well once in a while, Josh Greenburg whom is doing guitar and writing with me as well, Alexander Torres who also does guitar once in a while and helps write material, Frank Cantu who does live drums and occasionally have input, and of course Darren Cesca who did drum work with me on the studio recordings of “Nine Circles” and will work with me on the future recordings of other material.

    I recently found out about a terrific, yet seemingly little known band called Seal of Saturn. I reviewed their EP, “Nine Circles”, not too long ago () and I’ve been hooked ever since. I was lucky enough to catch up with the band’s mastermind, Mikhail, to find out a little more about Seal of Saturn and their music.

  • Seals are about 2" x 2"and printed with Dragon's Blood red ink on pure white parchment paper.
    The Seal of Saturn is also called the Seal of Spiritual Good Luck, it is believed to attract favorable planetary vibrations when one is gambling or indulging in any game of chance. Place beneath a Green Candle anointed with Special Favor Oil.

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The seal of Saturn has been used for many centuries by magicians, occultists and Wicca and others for centuries.Recently, the Seal of Saturn was in a crop circle August 22, 2014, Six Penny Handley, Dorset UK.The name of Saturn spirit is Zazel which is used to protect one against death because Azazel is the angel of death.Representing the planet Saturn and during ancients times this was known as one of the seven planets.Today in astrology, Saturn is the planet of Karma: reap or repeat what you sow. Saturn has been transiting the planet of Scorpio since 2012 and will move into Sagittarius 2015. Scorpio ruled by Mars (God of war) like Saturn are both underworld, death, sex and hidden energies but also a clearing out and bringing the truth to things to the light with the advent of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter: fun and jovial.Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Saturn on August 25, 2014 at 7.31pm UT. And it’s a very dangerous high-discord astrological event. The conjunction aspect brings the matters ruled by Mars and Saturn into prominence and each country has its own chart that operates through its current socio-economic and political environment. Mars is the planet of violence and those countries where violence is a feature of daily life – particularly the war zones – will feel the full impact of this astral onslaught. Under this aspect dangerous countries will do dangerous things. And the tensions between feuding countries (Israel and Palestine) will escalate.Mars is the planet of war, violence, the military police, industrial workers, accidents, fires, alcohol fueled violence, guns, bombs, strife, gambling, banditry, hate, revenge and anger. Saturn is the planet of safety, security measures, economy, poverty, mining and miners, farming and farmers, the laboring class, land, destructive weather events, natural disasters, loss grief and despair. Around the globe the aspect marks for a surge in fighting, war fears, land grabs, territorial disputes, rage and grief, heavy casualties, destructive weather events, natural disasters, loss and suffering, a manufacturing slowdown, accidents and fires.More on the Seal of Saturn:Beneficial Influences: To bring forth, to make a man safe, to make a man powerful, to cause success of petitions with princes and powers. Marsilio Ficino and others also associated Saturn with intellectuals, whose minds are more lofty and divine than those of common folk. This is because Saturn is the highest planet in occult cosmology and therefore closest to God.Intelligence of Saturn: Agiel