What are the signs of a bad catalytic converter on a 2005 Tahoe?

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  • This happened about a week ago and have not had a problem since. Could all these have been signs of a bad catalyic converter? Would an OBDII reader be able to tell me?

    Bad catalytic converter? - jeepforum., Just wondering of some of the symptoms are for a bad cat? a couple weeks ago i noticed an exhaust/heat smell when i had my windows open and a couple. Mazda catalytic converter | autopartswarehouse, Helpful mazda catalytic converter maintenance tips. the catalytic converter is a system in itself. it uses a catalyst to turn hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, and. Signs bad catalytic converter - ford truck, Signs of a bad catalytic converter 1987 - 1996 f150 & larger f-series trucks.

  • How do I know when it's time to replace my catalytic converter?
    Catalytic converters can be damaged by road debris, contaminated by engine oil or coolant, or become clogged and restrict exhaust flow. Among the signs of a bad catalytic converter are sluggish performance, dark exhaust smoke or the smell of rotten eggs in the exhaust. A misfiring spark plug, faulty oxygen sensor, or other fuel or emissions-related problem can cause a catalytic converter to overheat.

    How often should I replace my catalytic converter?
    It often lasts 10 years or longer and should be replaced only when needed. It can become clogged, physically damaged, or contaminated by oil or engine coolant. Occasionally it might even be stolen by thieves looking to get the precious metals inside. Some symptoms can be caused by other parts of the emissions system, so a mechanic should diagnose the entire system before replacing the converter.

    Why do I need to change my catalytic converter?
    Catalytic converters need to be replaced only if they become clogged or damaged and can't function properly. They're expensive to replace, so they aren't considered a regular maintenance item.

    How much should I pay?
    The cost of repairs can depend on where you are as much as it does on what you need fixed. To get an estimate for your repair, go to our , plug in your car's year, make and model information, add your ZIP code, and choose the repair you need. We'll give you a range for what your repairs should cost in your area.

    What symptoms bad catalytic converter, Keep learning. what are symptoms of low fuel pressure? what are the signs of a bad catalytic converter? what are the symptoms of a clogged catalytic converter?. What signs bad catalytic converter, Signs of a faulty catalytic converter include reduced fuel economy, excess engine heat, and impaired engine or exhaust performance. a visible fuel vapor over the. What signs catalytic converter bad, Best answer: classic symptoms of a plugged catalytic converter. you may also have a check engine light, with these codes: p0160 o2 sensor circuit no.

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