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Superchips 3571 Flashcal F5 Tuner

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  • Superchips Racing offers hand-held tuners for Ford, GM and Dodge diesel trucks and SUVs. All Superchips Racing tuners are available for purchase in retail stores and online wherever automotive performance products and accessories are sold.

    The TrailDash Tuner was designed for Jeep off-roading enthusiasts. At the touch of a button, the Superchips TrailDash Tuner lets you interact with your Jeep’s central control computer to lock center, front, and rear differentials at the touch of a button, or disengage electronic front sway bars (if so equipped) for increased travel. A built-in accelerometer measures angles of incline, pitch, and roll to determine how your Jeep is actually handling, and makes the best adjustment of vehicle control functions possible with that information. The TrailDash is equipped to read virtually any information that can be provided to it, such as battery voltage, battery temperature, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, transmission temperature as well as all other standard instrumentation. If your vehicle’s main computer is not originally designed to provide all the information you want, additional cables and input jacks are available that can be installed anywhere to read boost pressure, fluid temperature, air temperature, and more (see Product Options).

  • Where can I learn more about specifics for my vehicle?
    Details about what a Superchips tuner will do for your vehicle can be found on this website. Use the year, make, model search found throughout this site as a starting point to get personalized results.

    If your Check Engine light is on, the Superchips power programmer or tuner provides the same diagnostic information you would pay a repair shop a lot of money to give you. Because all vehicle systems are monitored by your vehicle’s main engine computer, any fault codes are recorded and stored there. Superchips tuners can not only retrieve stored fault codes, but they can track and display them in real time as they occur. So you’ll know when a check engine light signifies either a minor or a major problem. If you choose to, the tuners will clear all fault codes and turn your check engine light off.


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  • Does installing a Superchips tuner void my factory warranty?
    No. It is illegal for a dealership to void your warranty based solely on the fact that you have installed an aftermarket product. The dealership must prove in a court of law that an aftermarket product has decisively caused the damage to the vehicle under warranty. As a precaution, always remove the tuning before going to a dealer for service. For information regarding denial of warranty coverage, review the Magnuson-Moss warranty act.

1995 powerstroke superchip tuner help

When your vehicle leaves the factory, it comes equipped with tuning loaded in its PCM. This tuning is only as good as the engineer that developed it. No matter how well they did at developing the tuning, a true tuning expert can always improve on it. That’s were come in. Simply put, Superchips looks at what the factory did, and then does it better. This allows you to get the horse power of a bigger engine, and the mileage of a smaller engine. Another advantage that Superchips gives you over the factory tuning is flexibility. For instance, you can tune your vehicle in “Mileage Mode” when it is being used for daily driving, and then plug the tuner in again to program it in “Tow Mode” just before your trip. Got bigger tires? Just plug your Superchips tuner in and let it correct your speedometer and odometer. Would you like to increase your shift firmness, or adjust the shift points? Not a problem. Or maybe you would like to adjust your speed limiter to correspond with your tire rating. Superchips will do that too.