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  • Today we're going to be taking a look at part number RM-155. This is the road master taillight wiring kit with the included sockets and bulbs. This kit is going to let you use your toed vehicles, brake, running and signal lights without taping into the vehicle wiring. Please note, to get this installed your toed vehicle must have enough room inside the tail light lens housing for an extra bulb and socket assembly. The size hold that you're going to need in order to get the socket mounted in the taillight housing is going to be one inch in diameter. You can use a one inch hole saw or a rotary cutting tool to make that hole. When you're installing this your wiring is going to be routed beneath the vehicle.

    The tail light wiring harness plugs into the main harness on the passenger side by the fuel tank. Shorter group goes to passenger tail light, longer group to driver's side. A red and black split off in middle for license plate.

  • Today we're going to be taking a look at part number HM56108. This is the Hopkins Custom Taillight Wiring Kit for towed vehicles. This product is going to fit certain years and models of the GMC Terrain and Chevrolet Equinox. It's going to let you wire your vehicle to accept your RV's tail, brake, and turn signal lights for flat towing. It does provide the four-way flat plug at the front of the vehicle that way you can easily connect it to your motor home. Now it is going to prevent electrical feedback to safeguard the towed vehicle's electrical system.

    You'll need to drill out that one end circular hole through the back of the taillight housings. Right here around the flange it's going to have spring loaded taps that encircle the socket, you'll need to bend those outward slightly, snap the bulb into the hole that you just drilled and that's going to provide the nice tight fit that we need to make sure these don't vibrate loose and come out of the taillight housing. Then you're going to need to attach one end of the 30 foot harness at the front of the vehicle for connecting the URV, at the other end of the 30 foot harness you can cut off the connector. This is going to be the end that's going to run to the back of the vehicle, that's the taillight assemblies for connecting the end of the bulb and socket wiring. Again you're going to route the wiring beneath the vehicle and you can use the included zip tires just to straight the wires up and out of the way. Then you would use the included butt connectors to attach the electrical harness to the taillights, you will need to reinstall everything, make your ground connection and clean up your installation and then you're going to be ready to connect your six foot wiring harness between the plug at the front end of the vehicle and the back of your URV. Again, instructions are included, very detailed, they're going to walk you through the entire installation process step by step. That's going to do it for our review of part number RM-155. This is the road master taillight wiring kit with the bulb and sockets.

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    I need the tail light wiring connectors and wiring diagram .trailer receptacle. trying to hook up tail lights to a custom bed. There are 4 connectors near the rear frame. 1 coming down left frame rail. 2 connectors that seem to be feeding a 7 pin trailer connector. Which color wire for left right turn signals, tail light, brake light etc.

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I decided to test the wires by connecting them to the positive side of the battery. I connected the left side brake/turn wire, and happily saw the left side brake light illuminate. Good! Then I connected the right side brake/turn wire to positive. Nothing! Shoot! I then connected the tail light wire to positive. The left side tail light lit up, but the right side light did not. After chasing wires and probing the tail light connectors, I came to the conclusion that the right side lights were not connected to the wiring harness inside the panel where the relays are, as I had originally thought. A check of my Hanes manual confirmed that there is another connector upstream where the right side light harness is split off from the left side. Unfortunately, the manual only gives a rudementary diagram of the wiring, and does not show location in relation to the vehicle. I'm going to have to follow the wires forward to find where the right side is split off, and tap in there. Hopefully, I'll get to that in a day or two.