1986 TOYOTA TERCEL WAGON 4x4 for sale in Chilliwack, British Columbia ...

Estes Tercel Boost Glider

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    Drivers love the 1995 Toyota Tercel because it is affordable, reliable, and gets excellent fuel economy. Owners admit that their cars are not pretty or luxurious, but Tercel owners are interested in value more than looks. Drivers of the ’95 Tercel complain that the trunk and back seat are much too small, the car can be noisy, and that the seats can get uncomfortable during a long drive.

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    The name "Tercel" derives from the Latin word for "one third" as the Tercel was slightly smaller than the Corolla — much the way "tiercel" refers to a male falcon, which is one-third smaller than its female counterpart.

    1980 - Toyota Tercel

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    The Tercel was introduced in Japan in 1978, and in the United States in 1980; it was the first front-wheel drive vehicle ever produced by the automaker. Toyota named it the Corolla Tercel, hoping that the Corolla image — long known for quality and durability — would bring buyers to the new model. The Tercel's front-wheel drive design ensured that the vehicle delivered maximum interior space in a small package. It was originally sold as either a two-door coupe or a three-door hatchback, with each model powered by a 1.5L SOHC four-cylinder engine producing 60hp (45kW). Transmission choices were either a four- or five-speed manual or a three-speed automatic.

1985 Toyota Tercel SR5 4WD WAGON 6SPD

I used to own a 1998 Toyota Tercel, and if you do find one for sale you might want to consider it. Mine was a teal green color, with a grey interior and 4 spd. manual transmission. When I bought it it...