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  • Now we're going to clean up the thermostat housing itself. Don't use sandpaper. We're using a roll off disk. It's a little red scotch brite pad there to clean this up. The housing is aluminum or some aluminum alloy so it would tear up real easily if you used a grinder or something like that. He's just going to get the entire gasket surface clean and we're removing some metal to just because it's so badly corroded. Now we're just going to lay the gasket in there and put the bolts in there in preparation for our customer to pick it up. We didn't actually remove it from the car. We were just given a little nightmare by the customer.

    In many engines, the thermostat housing serves as the coolant outlet and is located on either the cylinder block or intake . Coolant typically flows out of the housing, through a large hose, and into the radiator. These housings hold the thermostat that regulates the flow of coolant through the engine and radiator. They are typically made of a plastic composite, aluminum, pot metal, or other similar materials. A fiber gasket will typically be used to connect the thermostat housing to the block or , though plastic and rubber gaskets also exist.

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    @ocelot60- When your nephew starts automobile repair school, he will learn all about automobiles and how they operate. Since he will need to knowledge so he can fix all kinds of issues, learning about auto parts such as the thermostat housing will be the foundation of his coursework.

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    I have a nephew who is planning to go into automobile mechanics because he would like to own a auto repair garage some day. Is a concept like thermostat housing something that he should expect to learn about in auto mechanics school?

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    Re: Correct heater hose routing

    With a little more research, I came across and even better idea. Perhaps you can find something like this, a Thermostat Housing Spacer. I'm not sure what the size of the threaded holes are, but it would allow you to put the thermostat ABOVE the two outlets, and thus you would get water flow (and thus heat to the heater core) out of them even if the thermostat was closed.

    I can't give you the origins of this part, because it was just on a site full of pictures, not engine parts. But you get the idea, with a little bit of research you might be able to find something that would work for you.

    I know a little about cars, but if you have a question about electricity or sport quads, I'm your man!!!

    Now we're gonna repair a broken bolt in a 63 Cadillac water passage bypass to the housing. The '63 Cadillac is especially notorious for leaks on that fitting right there in the center where it plugs into the engine. But this one we need to replace the thermostat. And, in order to do that, we need to get the thermostat housing off. The first thing that happens when pulling that housing off, the bolt broke. So, we're gonna show you how to remove that broken bolt that's down in the hole and we're gonna show you how to carefully remove the other bolt in an attempt not to break it off. You'll have lots of opportunities as you work on old cars to deal with broken bolts, especially in water passages where they corrode in there.

Thermostat Housing for my V6stang '07

When a thermostat is suspected of failure and needs to be inspected or replaced, the housing must be removed. This is typically a simple operation, though some vehicles have thermostat housings that are very difficult or time consuming to reach. The best way to locate the thermostat is typically to follow each radiator hose to the engine and determine which connects to a removable housing. If both hoses connect to a removable component, there will typically only be one that appears capable of containing a thermostat.