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  • Future created this time belt by inserting a special chip into the buckle, allowing anyone who uses the belt to travel through time. If the belt becomes damaged, the person wearing the belt will fade back to the time they came from.

    If your tensioner is bad and it’s one of the more difficultstyles to replace, you won’t want to waste your timechanging the belt. The shop would just have to removethe belt again to replace the tensioner. So check thetensioner first with these three tests.

  • Motivated by a terrible personal tragedy, Dr. Daniel Bloom, armed with his powerful new invention, the Time Belt, sets about trying to make things right.

    Twenty years in the future, has become a dictator and has turned the world into a desolate wasteland. To stop her from ever taking power, A.J. creates a belt for time travel. After stealing a chip from Vicky along with Future , he takes it back to his to use it to complete the time belt. Just as he completes it, he is captured by one of Vicky's minions whom takes the belt for himself and is sent back in time on Vicky's orders while A.J. watches helplessly. Luckily for him though, the minion was really Timmy Turner in disguise.

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  • Time Belt

    Future A.J. holding the time belt.
    Uses: Time travel
    Powered by: Unknown/Scientific

    Justin Evans (Justin McElroy) gets lost in time while using his Uncle Walt's new invention, the Time Belt! On his wild adventure through the past, Justin learns a lot about West Virginia's history.

But how do you know when to replace it

Six wrist watch variations comprise the Devon Time Belt Series, and each has a random, irritatingly difficult to remember name, like Tread 1F, much like Mercedes and Lexus models. The temporal conveyor belts come with a warranty that guarantees they will move the hours, minutes, and seconds of your day flawlessly for at least two years. They are marketed as unisex, but I can't really imagine a woman wanting that big of a hunk of metal weighing down her delicate, birdlike wrist. Plus, ladies, I'm afraid Time Belts carry only the time of day, not chocolate bon bons.