A: This transmission oil pan is for GM TH350 transmission.

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Dorman 265-811 Transmission Oil Pan

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  • The pans listed below are Mopar Performance brand transmission oil pans. We have deep chrome transmission pan models and standard steel deep transmission pan kits that can be painted whatever color you prefer. These deep transmission oil pan kits come complete with the pan, extended fluid pick up, filter and pan gasket.

    A PML transmission oil pan has a drain hole and plug so the fluid can be easily drained. A drain hole makes changing the transmission fluid easier, saving you time. And if you decide to change the fluid yourself, you save money. Draining and replacing the fluid at regular intervals extends the life of the transmission.

  • The average automatic transmission holds about 12 quarts of transmission fluid, but larger or more powerful vehicles have transmissions that can hold up to 36 quarts! A transmission oil pan holds about half of the total amount of transmission fluid, while the rest remains in the torque converter and transmission itself. As you can guess, transmissions that require more ATF means that these transmissions work harder in order to handle the vehicle’s engine power. Transmissions that hold more ATF also provides more cooling capability.

    You know automatic transmissions have their , and transmission pans are no exception. Although a transmission oil pan might seem too simple to develop any problems, they actually can and they are more common than you might think. Problems that can occur with transmission pans include:

    Deep Automatic Transmission Pan JW Performance Automatic Racing Transmission Pans

    Part Number Transmission Make & Model Description and notes
    jwp 50660 Mopar 727 cast aluminum 727 deep transmission pan
    jwp 55660 Mopar 904 aluminum 904 deep trans pan
    jwp 10660 Chevy GM Power Glide aluminum deep transmission pan for powerglide transmission
    jwp 10660sfi Powerglide SFI approved, aluminum, use with Ultracase to eliminate need for any external straps or shields for racing
    jwp 20660 Chevy GM TH350 deep aluminum pan for GM Turbo 350 trans
    jwp 30660 Chevy GM TH400 deep aluminum trans pan for GM Turbo 400 trans
    jwp 40660 Ford C4 deep aluminum transmission oil pan for C4 transmission
    jwp 60660 Ford C6 aluminum deep trans pan for C6 trans

  • Now that we’ve covered what the transmission pan does, common problem that can occur, and how to take take care of it, let’s move on to the different types of pans. As you can guess, there are other transmission pans you can find besides the stock transmission oil pan. Pans can come in different varieties, depending on transmission type, material used, fluid capacity, and cooling options. If you aren’t sure what transmission your vehicle has or what pans can fit, you can use to find out.

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This is where things get tricky. Different vehicles require different types of transmission fluid (many manual transmissions use differential gear oil, and not all automatic transmission oils were created equal). Should you simply drain the transmission oil pan and change the filter, or go for the full flush by removing and replacing all the fluid in an automatic transmission? If it seems confusing, it probably is. Hogarty says that no matter what you do, don't have this service performed at a quick lube shop.