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    In this episode True Flow shows how effective their air filters and air intakes are. These filters are made with fully reticulated foam cells that have a specially formulated tackifier, which creates an impossible journey for dirt particles attempting to enter your engine. Another great feature of True Flow air filters & air intakes is that they are reusable, thanks to their specially formulated foam filter cleaning kits!

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    True Flow foam air filters combine airflow capability and high filtration efficiency in a drop-in filter for your 'Dime. True Flow foam full-depth filters come with a lifetime warranty and are easy to wash and reuse. Follow the simple cleaning instructions included in the filter box at the suggested cleaning intervals and enjoy great filtration and airflow for the life of your vehicle.

  • A critical part of the car or truck XDI air intake system is its True Flow air filter. Unique to the industry, foam air filters have awesome performance capabilities and filtration properties, filtering even the smallest debris for your car or truck. These incredibly durable air filters are easily cleaned and offer a limited lifetime warranty with excellent performance for your car or truck.

    In other words, is the True flow air filter "marketing Hype"? It's not a marketing hype. I've had all 3. Stock, K&N, and TrueFlow. TruFlow is by far the best at letting air in but keeping dirt out. I washed my Truflow after 15K and a butt load of dirt came out. I checked my MAF sensor ans throttle body expecting them to need a cleaning pretty bad. They were both a clean as a whistle. I also felt a gain of power and an improvement of MPG. Also, at WOT you get that "whistle" noise!!!

    Originally Posted by icerunner
    I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed with my "True Flow" brand air filter when I got it. After I installed it, I could barely get the lid filter housing lid closed....I got the lid closed by pressing down real hard and the freaking filter barely fit....Now I'm starting to question wheather or not the "foam is better" school of thought is a bunch of BS....? marketing hype?
    My god, they couldent even design this thing to fit right....?

    -QUESTION to all: How well do you think the "True Flow" air filter does at keeping dirt out of the engine?

    Is it better than paper?

    In other words, is the True flow air filter "marketing Hype"?

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    True Flow Foam Air Filters - A critical part of the True Flow air intake system is its replacement foam air filter. True Flow Foam air filters combine huge dust holding capacity and great airflow capability. Fully reticulated (open pore) foam is a honeycomb of tiny, interlocking cells of uniform size, that create an impossible journey for dirt particles since there are no straight-through passageways. Each passageway (16 to 25mm long), is like hundreds of very small centrifugal/oil bath filters connected one to another. In this way, foam traps and holds the particles throughout the entire volume of foam.

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