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Upper Control Arm Bushing Replacement Cost

Prime Choice Auto Parts CAK35158 Rear Upper Control Arm

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  • Upper Control Arm Replacement. Learn how to replace the Upper Control Arm on a Chevy Trailblazer, GMC Envoy, etc. Replacing an upper control tarm is pretty straight forward and This job is fast/easy and can be done with basic hand tools.

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    If your Mercedes-Benz is making a terrible noise while driving at low speed and over bumps, you may be looking at an upper control arm replacement. It may be that you only have some worn bushings on the ball joints, or the ball joints themselves are bad. Replacing the ball joints aren't much easier and a special tool is needed to do the job. Replacement upper control arms come with a new ball joints already, and the cost isn't much different. This is no easy job however, as the passenger side is a very difficult part to get to and a lot of other stuff has to come out first. If you want to tackle this job yourself, you might suffer a little, but the end result is saving yourself easily a thousand bucks or more over the labor cost of a professional doing it for you. If you have any qualms at all about taking this job on, your best bet is just to take it to a professional from the start before you get in there, get stuck and need a tow. If you have moderate mechanical abilities and have tackled other tough jobs before, read on and learn how to change your upper control arms yourself.

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