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Aluminum Powerglide Pro Transbrake Valvebody

ACDelco 24244058 GM Original Equipment Automatic Transmission Control Valve Body Assembly, Remanufactured

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  • The Forward Manual Compu-Flow is available with the same features as the reverse manual units, except for the standard OEM shift pattern (P-R-N-3-2-1). Engine braking is available in all gears. The Forward Valve Body provides a generally slower ET for drag racing since the band or clutches are on in low gear.

    These valve bodies have all the same features of the highly successful ATI transbrake and they also have the added feature of reverse safety so that reverse cannot be selected accidentally or inadvertently. The vehicle will only engage reverse gear when reverse is selected and the transbrake solenoid is engaged.
    Lock your race car on the starting line for hard, consistent launches. All Compu-Flow Transbrakes are reverse pattern, except for PG applications. These units are fully manual - no automatic shifting. The PG and TH400 units (#203300, #203070, #403080) have low draw - 1 amp - solenoids operating pilot circuits. On internal brakes, the solenoid is inside the trans away from dirt and stones. An excellent choice for bracket and delay box users.

    A car uses a transmission system to send power generated by the internal combustion engine to other components. The transmission valve body is an integral part of this system.

  • Our Compu-Flow Reverse Manual Valve Body shifts opposite the OEM units away from neutral when up shifting (P-R-N-1-2-3). There is no automatic shifting. It will leave in the selected gear allowing street driven cars to move off in 2nd or 3rd in slippery conditions. The governor and related components are eliminated, as well as throttle pressure, cables/vacuum lines and linkages. All units freewheel if you lift in low gear; no engine breaking. (Note: All Turbo units freewheel in 2nd gear except #353400 for the T-350) This valve body is not recommended for the Powerglide since it must pass through low to get to neutral.

    The transmission valve body controls transmission shifting. The transmission valve body contains channels used to direct hydraulic fluid to valves that allow the gears to shift as needed in an automobile.

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    In addition to engine braking, this revolutionary valve body from TCI® has several other unique benefits. Its full manual shifting allows the operator of the vehicle to select gears manually, which allows for quicker shift timing and higher line pressures that reduce clutch slippage under high loads. In addition, the valve body’s reverse shift pattern makes for a better fit with many GM off-road performance applications.

TCM is NOT included on Sonnax remanufactured valve body.

The valve body controls the timing of the gears within an automatic transmission. It uses a combination of fluid pressure detection and hydraulic signaling to control the changing of gears and the activation of the clutch.