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  • Vista and Vista Pro are 3D originally for the , Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows (PC) range of home computers. It was written by John Hinkley and its own describes it as ""

    Additionally, there are features that are available in Windows XP Professional but that have been enhanced in Windows Vista Business. Such features are marked by the blue circle for XP and by the green ball for Vista. The Firewall, File Protection, the Search capabilities, Internet Explorer, Network support, Remote Desktop, Maximum RAM supported and the Setup have all evolved in Vista Business. For the rest I'll let the pictures do the talking.

  • Vista operates similarly to a in that light paths are generated. The user specifies light sources, and camera angles. The ground may be colored to create different ground styles. Vista has water, tree and cloud effects, making some images almost photorealistic. The ground itself may either be generated from a random (or user inputted) number, or it may use landscape files for real-world views, the software having come with a number of maps of and .

    Vista can load and save output images in , , and formats. PCX files can also be imported as elevations and ground colors to allow third-party creation of landscapes in other .

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  • Capabilities
    • Simultaneous multielement analysis of all elements from Li to U in the periodic table except C, N, O, halogens, and the noble gases
    • Can analyze aqueous or organic solutions
    • Method accuracy and precision better than 3% relative
    • Full wavelength coverage allows for linear dynamic range from ppb to percent and minimization of spectral interferences
    • Corrosion resistant sample introduction system allows the introduction of hydrofluoric acid solutions and high dissolved solids (fusions)
    Sample Requirements
    • Milligram quantities can be analyzed; 1-2 grams is desired
    • Larger samples may be cut to 1/16 inch thickness prior to submission or by lab personnel
    • Samples that can’t be dissolved may be analyzed as solids by laser ablation
    Instrumentation: Varian Vista Pro
    • Wavelength range 167-785 nanometers with Peltier cooled CCD detection
    • Axial view plasma for greater detection limits
    • Temperature stabilized and argon purged Echelle polychromator
    • 3 channel peristaltic pump for addition of internal standards
    • Autosampler for unattended analysis and auto-dilution

    Above: Varian Vista Pro

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    The Amiga version of Vista works on all models of Amiga, however due to the low processor speeds generation of landscapes take a long time to complete. It was not unusual for a landscape generation to take several hours on a stock 68000 based computer. Later versions for 32 bit Amigas, an executable supporting the MC68881/68882 is available, speeding up rendering considerably when such a chip is present.

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting is a leading manufacturer of specification grade, architectural, and landscape luminaires. For over 20 years successful architects, designers, and installers worldwide have relied on Vista's reputation as a pioneering company that is committed to establishing the industry's highest standards in lighting technology, product reliability, and safety. With a passion for service, innovation, and dependable performance, Vista continues to provide products that are a reflection of our customer's own commitment to quality.