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What Do Catalytic Converters Do
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What do catalytic converters do

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  • There are many people who are wondering exactly what does a catalytic converter do? We are aware that their use is mandated by both the federal and state governments, but some do not remember why they were required to begin with. In the 1970s they began being added to various types of vehicles hoping to control the emissions from engines. They were used to reduce smog, acid rain and carbon monoxide.

    This should answer the question, what does a catalytic converter do? It is a relatively small unit that is shaped very similarly to a muffler. It is situated under the vehicle, between the engine and the muffler. This is where it does its work of converting harmful gases into less toxic ones before they are allowed into the atmosphere. Their purpose is to help keep harmful toxins from reaching the air and contributing to air pollution and acid rain.

  • There are times that an emissions system will lose its capacity to work and you may have to consider some form of catalytic converter repair. This little device is very important to the whole process of car emissions. What does a catalytic converter do? The catalytic converter is […]

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