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  • ZX2 Performance Parts add horsepower to your car, making it faster from 0-60 and the quarter mile. Every modification you do to your car make the car more enjoyable to drive. ZX2 Performance Parts can add as little as 1hp and up to hundreds of hp depending on what type of upgrade you choose from. Some ZX2 Performance Parts such as chips can be installed in minutes adding horsepower and torque. Performance Pulleys are also a good horsepower upgrade to add to your list of upgrades. Turbo Timers are essential for turbo's during summer time conditions when your engine can be really hot.

    When you add a ZX2 performance chip in the mix, you can make your compact even more of a pocket rocket. Your car will be able to accelerate faster and generate a lot more horsepower and torque than before with each tip. Make your engine come to life, give it a new feel. You wouldn’t want to miss this unbelievable deal. When it comes to fitting these life saving gadgets, even if you aren’t the most gifted individual in mechanics fitting is quite easy. Complete instructions come with the hardware making work easier. Once you install these upgrades, you will always be looking forward to those long drives in your car. You can now enjoy the rush of adrenaline that speed gives you while saving on fuel immensely. Hit the stores and complete your car by upgrading it with a ZX2 ECU chip. Get the best deal for your money.

  • ZX2 Performance Chips are an easy way to increase your vehicles horsepower and torque. Installation can be as easy as popping in a chip or reprogramming your ECU. ZX2 Performance Chips revamp the ECU fuel and timing to improve acceleration. Furthermore, ZX2 Performance Chips can increase the PSI of turbo automobiles. In 1996 OBDII ECU stopped using chips and you must reprogram the ECU using special software. Some devices for BMW such as the shark injector can reprogram and undo at the same time your computer.

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    ZX2 Headers
    ZX2 Short Ram Air Intake

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